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Amazing Spiderman
from Hot Toys

RoboCop ED-209
from NECA

7" Alien Figures
from NECA

18" Gipsy Danger
from NECA

T-800 Battle Damaged Terminator
from Hot Toys

Battlestar Galactica
Top Gun Stein
Coaster Set

from Quantum Mechanix

Star Wars Jumbo Figures
Den Gar
a n d ... m a n y ... m o r e
from Gentle Giant

Walking Dead Figures
from McFarlane

7" Pacific Rim Figures
from NECA

Giant Darth Vader
from Jakks Pacific

Gypsy Danger 18"
from NECA


Blast From The Past is a specialty store that sells T.V., movie and comic book-related toys and collectibles, which you can find in our Burbank store as well as online! Our collectibles range from Sideshow Premium Format styles to Hot Toys figures, Gentle Giant Busts, NECA and McFarlane figures. Here at Blast from the Past, revisiting your childhood becomes a reality! Here we have a nice collection of older and newer toys; we’ve got that Star Wars figurine you didn’t think you’d see again, or a new character item from that zombie movie you’ve been coveting. We’ve acquired a well-rounded mix of items from different genres, depending on your fancy, such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and even Disney or superhero characters. Think we’re done with just collectibles or toys? Not even close! We also sell a wide variety of novelty t-shirts, posters, magnets, patches, and stickers, all for your viewing and buying pleasure.

While we have a great online inventory, we suggest you visit us in person to get the full experience of seeing great collectible items! If at first you don’t see what you like, feel free to email us after your experience, and we’ll see if we can’t find that special something!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you real soon!


March 28-30
Best Monster Convention EVER!!
Burbank Marriott
(across from the airport)

Friday, March 28 6:00-9:00 pm
Alternative shopping experience!!
+Magic Card Games


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Do you want a Sideshow or Hot Toys figure??? Make sure you call us and Pre-Order it since we may not already be ordering it!! We will be happy to order it for you if it is not already sold out.


*Prices listed on our site are subject to change.